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    Hi Guys,

    It seems that there are not many of us out there flying F1A, so it is only logical that we’ll know each other well and be able to freely communicate with each other. Yet, I couldn’t find a unified contact list of fliers so I’m thinking of creating one using this posting.

    Let’s each F1A flyer reply to this message with his name, location (state), telephone number and email address so we could share ideas and promote the building and flying of F1A.

    I’ll be honored to contribute the first contact info, hoping that many more will follow (or point us to a published unified list of F1A fliers)

    My contact information:
    Ranan Lachman, NY, 917-723-7004,



    I’d suggest you place this listing under the FAI Models and Flying. Chuck Markos publishes the times for those entered in the US FF Team Selection– a list of about 25. Of course there are many more that do not enter the program.

    Here’s my info:

    Jim Parker, Fly mostly M&K parts and components. SCAT president and AmCup Administer, Jr FAI FF Comittee person, several USA F1A teams as flyer and manager.

    Lee Hines

    And my info:
    Lee R Hines,
    Costa Mesa, CA, 92627
    Ph nos: 949 645 4850[h] & 949 355 3512[cell]

    I fly all FF glider classes, been USA FF team member 3 times,
    held Indoor HLG record a few times, long ago…
    I am the Scribe for SCAT Club, as well.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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