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    I’ve just had a note from Kathleen Dunn – Katmar Balsa Products – that the mill is offering her a supply of contest grade balsa sheets in 24″ lengths. She is seeking guidance as to whether there would be a demand for this stock before comitting herself to an order.

    My view is that it would be just as useful for rib stock, etc. as the customary 36″ lengths but your comments would be appreciated – please address them direct to

    At this time she also has some stocks of 36″ contest grade timber in various sizes – but insufficient to make the preparation of a comprehensive stock/price list feasible; if you have any requirements, please check for availability and pricing.

    There are also substantial stocks of regular grade balsa available; Katmar is situated in California but ships worldwide.


    Received this update from Katmar this morning:-

    “I answered all the emails last Saturday telling everyone that I would contact them this past week after I heard from the mill about the sizes and quantities. I called them twice and they still have not gotten back to me with any info.

    If you don’t mind… I don’t have to email all those people again…..please put a note on the site that I am still waiting for sizes and prices and I will let them all know as soon as I find out something. This is really poor service I am getting from the mill…especially when it is them that called me wanting me to buy their wood”


    Rather than start a new thread thought I would tack this along with Jim’s ( hope this is OK Jim?). After 40 yrs away from the hobby much has changed but we still need good wood!! Anyone wish to share with me there fav place to purchase good wood. Contact info.
    Let me define what I mean by good!!! A or C grade in specific weights and that has a high %age of usable wood within the sheet. Yes, Yes, I know I may be asking the impossible but you have to ask!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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