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    Bill Shailor

    I have noticed in the last couple years, particularly at meets held in Muncie, that there is a dwindling participation in AMA gas events. At our Inter-Cities meet several events had only one or two flyers. Same for the Aeronuts meet.
    I have asked several folks, some of whom live within 45 minutes of the field, why such poor attendance. Surely, uncertain weather after a long drive couldn’t be an issue, and there are National Cup points virtually free for the taking.
    No response. Nothing.
    Could attendance be boosted by holding Classic Gas instead?
    No response.
    Have we gotten to a point where there are too many contests offering Gas events, or too many events in general so that if someone misses a meet, there will certainly be one the following weekend?
    The point of this post is to ask for your thoughts since our club is seriously considering cutting out the events that haven’t been well attended at our Inter-Cities meet next June. By the way, it has been scheduled for June 16, 17 and 18, 2006


    The Minneapolis MAC has scheduled “Power Events” so it combines Classic and AMA gas as the same event. So it is called AMA gas and you fly anything as exotic in it as you like or HAVE! We have also combined AB and CD so we have 1/2A, AB, and CD. This is in addition to 1/2A NOS and ABCD NOS.

    There are too many events for one or two day meets. So you need to combine the events so that there are at least a handful of entrants in an event.

    At our contest for National Cup Points, you only get points for AMA gas. If you want to compete in Classic, you need to go someplace else like the NATS.

    You may also fly NOS models in our AMA gas events, so you really should not have an excuse like nothing to fly in that event!


    You might check with young Mr. Hanford. The Tulsa Glue Dobbers combine events for the individual trophies as well as the perpetuals. Example : 1/2A gas has a trophy plate and the Jim Clem Perpetual ( possibly the best looking trophy in existence). Fly Classic or AMA. It doesn’t matter. Your first entry counts toward trophy. You may fly both events for N.C. points. HLG and CLG are flown likewise. I cannot remember the rubber combines, but they are there. I’m certain its a minor P.I.A. but the guys in charge seem to handle the logistics okay.
    I always enjoy flying in Perry. Digging planes out of trees is NOT an issue.

    Rudy Kluiber

    Hi Bill

    Obviosly, if you combine a bunch of gas events (or rubber events, etc) into one, you should end up with more entrants per event. However, I think what you are also referring to is simply the number of total entrants at the contest. When Jeri and I go to Muncie, we usually try to make two contest in a row and stay for a week. I do some testing in between weekends. This beats driving back and forth with just a couple of days at home in between.If there happens to be 3 meets in a row at Muncie, we probably won’t go to one of them. I think the FF clubs should make more of an effort to coordinate their meets accordingly. Having said that, I know that that is easier said than done.
    I understand that the CIA OT/NOS meet requested the weekend after your meet. I will have my one-design contest on the Friday before the CIA meet. So that looks like about a ten day stay at Muncie for us – but if there is another FF meet the week before yours, that’s a problem for us. Just to give an example of what I’m talking about.
    I hope you guys don’t drop too much stuff – I am looking forward to flying at your meet.

    Rudy Kluiber

    Dean McGinnes

    I think that Classic Gas will be the salvation of Gas Free Flight. That said, if I have time, I have no problem flying my Nos Gas models in Classic and AMA Gas. Yes, I will get beat by a modern engine, and also a bunter, but I need the practice.

    I fly Nos Gas because of the simplicity. I will be building a Mini-Pearl for One Design, and will venture into the Classic wars with that next year. If I get time, I just might build something for my TEE DEE .09’s. Before Classic, I had no interest in anything beyond Nostalgia.

    Maybe others will make the same shift.

    Combining classes is probably also a good idea too.

    Bill Shailor

    Thanks for all the input!
    I would like contests to be spaced out a little more myself, but with the Nats starting in early July, there aren’t many weekends available.
    Our club will be discussing events at our next meeting in a few weeks. Your thoughts are appreciated and helpful.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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