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    So this is Croatian Electronic timer for Free flight models (F1H)
    When timer is turned on, piezzo beeps couple of times (and says for how many seconds will model glide ’till DT by number of beeps). When chosen time expires he starts DT. After DT it is quiet for 2min and then piezzo buzzer starts to beep every 5s and every beep is 0.5s so you can hear it in long grass/bush.After 10min of “buzzing” if you don’t turn timer Off, piezzo stops with buzzing and initiates oscilator (radio locator) and it works untill batery runs out or you find it and turn it Off. Initiating can also be done on microswitch (which resets trough RST port and initiates process while power is still ON) in front of hook if you want to circle-tow but it is not necessary. Only function that Timer does not do is Bunt, so it is not for some more serious contests (F1A or so.), and is more for beginners. Radio locator works in CB technology (27MHz) which is good for simplicity, but is not good because it is very hard to make oriented CB antenna. In practise juniors found model every time.

    UPDATE: Oh, I forgot, we use tailboom as antenna for radio locator

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