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    Greetings Nimbus Nudger’s,

    I just received my Czech towline winch/winder from Lee Campbell’s. Pretty neat….

    After looking it over I noticed that there is no where to base the 50m towline.

    I also noticed that there is no guide to help assist the line back onto the real properly.

    Is this a “free-for-all” on ideas or does anybody have any quick fixes so that this little jewel doesn’t become scrap.

    I also fine sanded the sharp plastic edges off of the take-up real before it cuts me or the line.

    Comments anybody….

    Peter Brocks


    I like the Czech towline winch. My 50m F1A line uses 40m 100 or 150 lbs Spectra line and at the bottom 10m of thicker Dacron “sleeve”. On that bottom end this thicker string goes through a piece of vinyl tubing which forms a loop to hold onto. For these 50m you have to put a 1/4″ thick spacer between the halves of your reel. To tow you take the line off the winch. To wind up the line after launching the loop goes into the reel then I wind up a turn or two. Then I can crank in the rest of the line. I attach 2 pictures how I added a wire guide. I tapped the aluminum housing and secured the screw with a stop nut on the inside. Also, removed the plastic T-handle which is too small. In lieu of that I took a wooden dowel in which I drilled a hole for a nut. This nut was secured by drilling a hole through the handle and the nut and putting a small piano wire into it plus adding some epoxy around the nut. A longer scew holds this longer handle against the housing.

    If you want to see my winch then come out to Eloy this Sunday morning, Feb. 21, for our monthly PMAC contest, the President’s Cup.

    Thermals, Peter


    Thanks Peter for the explanation. The photos are very helpful. As for this weekend I’m scheduled to work. I wish I could make it.

    Maybe next time!

    I have the schedule for the 2010 PMAC contests. I’ll see if I can get something together and come out and fly next time.

    Have a great time…..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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