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    Ed O’Brien

    Mr. Thornburg,

    Are you still out there? I have been re-reading your columns in the July & November 1981 issues of R/C Model Builder. At the end of the second article you had bought a box of rubber and were headed into catapult HLG. I was wondering how it worked out.

    My son and I struggled with CHLG for some time but your two articles got us headed in the right direction. Thanks.

    By the way, at my age I can not see what happens to a CHLG immediately after launch. It is ends up almost directly overhead and I can not even see . The only way my son and I were able to get gliders to transition correctly was for one of us to back off a hundred fee or so in order to see the complete launch. I do not see how a solo flier can ever get the darned things to work.

    Anyway, I was still wondering how your experience with CHLG worked out.

    Ed OBrien
    Manchester, CT

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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