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    Reposting information about the 2005 NATS informal Dawn Towline Glider Event:

    Dawn Towline Glider Event, NATS, Wed., August 3, 6:00 AM

    We had first talked about a Dawn Classic Glider Event to be held at the NATS.

    I have since thought about broadening the event to promote more interest.

    So here is what I am suggesting:
    A so called one flight “fly off event” for any class of towline glider.
    Classes will be separated by model type, Classic Glider, A-1, F1H, F1A, and Unlimited(whatever that is?). No attempts are allowed, just one official flight with one model type. Unlimited single flight time, timed with binoculars or chased to the ground.

    So you may tow by any method for that class, and we will have a supposedly still air best time. Classic gliders will straight tow, and other categories can do anything they like, like circle and bunt.

    There are no prizes, no entry fee, results will be posted by category, and also by overall lumped score.

    So I will bring score cards, you show up at the Dawn Unlimited Rubber congregation site on Wednesday, August 3 before 6AM, we will head to the proper part of the field, and you must get your flight up between 6:15 and 6:30 AM. Make sure your towline reel is set up for standard 50 meter length and proper pull test requirements for the class of model you are flying.

    Let’s find out what model type can get the best still air score??

    If you have further additions, I am open to suggestions.

    Please let me know if you plan to participate? email at: david@edmonson.ws

    Let’s start a new event and tradition for towline gliders!!

    CD John Lorbiecki has not raised any objections and looks forward to seeing some 6 minute early morning glider flights.

    See you there!

    Dave Edmonson


    The event was held at the 2005 NATS, and results will be published in one of the next issues of the NFFS digest.

    Thanks to those who attended and participated.

    Hope to see more participants next year at the 2006 NATS.


    Have not seen the Dawn Towline results anywhere yet. Did I miss them?


    I sent pictures and article in about 3 months ago. I have been waiting for it also.

    But get ready for the 2006 Dawn Towline Glider Event.

    I think Wednesday morning is a good day to hold it. Too early in the week and everyone is anxious for all of the events.

    Will try to do the same format as last year. The only problem in 2005 was the central location, and I hit the top of that fenced in area on the north end.

    Let me know if you are interested in participating?

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