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    With the” Dixie” a reality ( after 23 + years in limbo) who wants to take on getting the” Slicker 44″ ratified, (the successor to Bill Dean’s Keilkraft
    42″ Kitted version). Its all chronicled in both 1949 Aeromodeller Annual, & Ron Warrings Model Report #4 in Model Aircraft 1949. With it comes the increase in wing area from 223 sq in., to 252 sq in. & to monowheel U/C, fixed or retractable, Airfoil; flat bottomed or undercambered and handling power up to the Elfin 1.8cc ( Geo. Fullers
    choice for his 2nd place Worlds Champs model, precursor to the Zoot Suit!). Another one long overdue.
    Cheers; deezildon
    PS; “not worthwhile”, and “there are plenty of designs to choose from” just don’t hack it any more! For background; read the early “Preamble & Purpose” to confirm what Nostalgia FF was to be about!


    Chronicled and detailed, Don .. but NEVER published! Good luck …. 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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