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    My first attempt of competing in hlg with a dlg was a disaster in Eloy last weekend…except that I learned a couple of helpful things. One, my launch peg was way too far back causing the nose to rise on launch. This cause the glider to go too far to the left and lose a lot of altitude. I moved the peg to the high point, about 1.25″ in from the tip. Second, I increased the rudder size(upon Stan’s suggestion), with the purpose of having the right rudder act my prominent upon launch. Both of these changes have proved to be helpful…75% of the launches are now ok and more predictable. It is still tempting to hold on too long on the launch(which is a disaster), especially when trying to throw hard.

    It will take practice flying out of a pen with transition placement, even with a dlg that is launching well…so on to the practice field!



    Hi Tim

    Welcome to the frustrating world of DLG’s.

    One of the problems regarding the placement of the peg was trying to solicit information from the experts without success so I adopted the position of placing the peg as close as practical to a theoretical line that intersects the CG working on the theory that with the peg positioned behind that line would tend to make the model climb too sharply and do a wing over hard left. Your experiences seem to confirm my assumption.
    I also started with a larger sub fin with right rudder as a means of introducing a right rolling force and then did what was suggested by Bruce Kimball to reduce the area until the forces were balanced to give a continuous climbing left hand turn under power.


    jim buxton


    Is this the Meerkat by Buddenbohm, or your own design? I plan on ordering Stan’s 36″ Twirly Byrd this week. (I like the lines of it better than the Meerkat)

    Have you received his DLG kit yet?

    ~Jim Buxton

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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