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    Stan B. and I have had success converting our old hlg to dlg. It is a matter of putting the Y tail feathers with skew on, changing it to turn right and removing the finger grip and moving the washin tab from the left to the right pane. You might wonder why would we do this when the larger dlg flys so well…

    Well, they are lighter, we can get them higher than we could javelin style and most importantly we can fly them with way more incidence, which make for excellent thermal ability.

    I am quite sure the lager dlg gliders will out perform the smaller converted ones, but I am also sure that the smaller converted hlg will out perform the old javelin hlg….and this way absolutely everyone can fly hlg/dlg.

    So get your old gliders and get them converted and you will get 100′ launches like when you were a kid!



    Derek McGuckin

    I will have to give it a try on one of mine. Tim I sent you a PM.


    HI Tim,

    Do you need to add some reinforcement at the poly joint or the throw tip?

    Make sure you fly one of those converted HLGs when you come to Colorado this summer, ok?

    Regards, Randy


    So, based on Tim’s advice to “start converting old, small, conventional HLGs to DLGs”, it sounds like DLG should be feasible for AMA indoor gliders even with the 100 square inch wing area limitation.
    I believe I read somewhere that the F1N record was set with a DLG – but I don’t think that event has the wing area restriction.

    Are any of the common 36″ DLG kits/plans, currently available, smaller than 100 square inches?



    In my very limited experience (I have converted 1 22″ JLG to DLG) the smaller the model, the less advantage discus launch confers. Well, in terms of height/times, that is. Discus launching does seem less tiring than javelin, which is a definite plus.
    I would estimate that the crossover point is about 24″ span, but that may vary from flyer to flyer – I’m 6’3″/210 lbs, and at one time at least, had a very strong javelin throw. Smaller guys may find their crossover point is at a lower span than mine.

    Just a thought.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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