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    Derek McGuckin

    Howdy folks,

    I started drawing the plans for an E-36 this morning. I am blowing up a Majestyk P-30 to 36 inches, keeping the general proportions. I plan on using the Andrukov airfoil.

    I was wondering what wing warps would you suggest for E-36? My initial thought was to use the same warps as my P-30s; a little washout on the tips and a little washin on the right panel to help control the burst.

    Would this work for E-36? I don’t know if the washin would be necesary.
    any thought swould be appreciated!

    Jim Jennings

    Derek, compared to most I am new at this sport and warping wings is still a little mystic to me. You need to get more informed ( experenced ) opinions. I have used trailing edge stock on the underside as a tempory trim, tacking it lightly. After I am satisfied with the models flight, I remove the wedge, cut and move the trailing edge of the wing to match the wedge. I use hinge tape to secure the new “flap” so that it can be adjusted. The tempory wedge is necessary to determine the width of the flap before you start carving on your beautiful new model. The same method can be used on the vertical stab. I use this method because I do not understand how to make intentional warps permenant. I have been experimenting with composite wing construction which will maintain warps consistantly and with carbon trailing edge, the flaps are not an option. I think that you should PM some of the more experenced fliers.

    Timer Guy

    I would think you would pretty well follow the same trim as the rubber job. You will not have the burst you see with rubber, but instead a more uniform thrust. This is not going to go like an FAI or even an AMA gas job. Some washin on the right main panel and a little washout on the tips. About what the P-30 would have.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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