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    Denny Dock

    Electric flyers (which I’m not one) check out outerzone a couple of days ago…1960, Paul Del Gatto, Electro-mite…WAAAAy ahead of E-36. I don’t think it caught on in 1960, but, a great preview of things to come.

    Peter Tolhurst


    Given that no one else has responded, let me just say that it looks like an interesting design, but I’ll probably not build it.
    I use to love HTL models with underfins, but found that in wind and turbulence they could turn round and bite you, metaphorically speaking, but perhaps it was just me. The 1/2A Bounty Hunter electrified was like the little girl with the saying ‘when it was good it was very very good, when it was bad it was awful’. It finally bit the dust at a windy Nats and broke the fuselage & tail. The wing was pretty much unscathed and is now part of a low thrustline high pylon model that has yet to fly.



    Jim Jennings

    Watching your buddy Butch Jones give Bama a run for their money. The Elctro Mite reminds me of a mini Viking. The plans are from 1960, the same year that I was born! We used that power a lot longer than we should have. Might be a good E NOS model.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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