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    Bill Shailor

    It is with regret I pass along news that Ed Stoll passed away Friday, Jan. 25, 2008. Ed was on the U.S. F1D teams in 1964 and 1974. We was an original Detroit Balsa Bug, outstanding modeler and a good friend. He always made time for new modelers. He will be missed.


    I did a search on Ed Stoll through Google and found this forum. I am sad to read of his passing. His wife who taught grade school, was one of my teachers. Never knew her first name only because then respect meant saying ‘Mrs. Stoll’.
    I was invited by Ed to share the day with him at one of the Michigan Exchange meets where he was contest director, located at the Ford test track in Utica, Michigan. My older brother Don was a contestant in control line combat there. Loved the entire experience. Seems like everybody at the meet looked up to Ed.
    Ed and his wife invited me over for dinner once long after I graduated high school. I learned a lot that evening. He allowed me to handle some of his microfilm models that won him world class events, brought out a rare piece for me to hold and admire of a lighter-than-air, aircraft. A dirigible. A duralumin frame part that he recoverd from the Hindenburg disaster crash site. Holding a piece of history like that was overwhelming.
    Ed and wife also enjoyed piloting full scale sail planes. He talked a lot about that. Wish I could have gone with him a time or two.
    A soft spoken, kind man with a vast knowledge of aviation, aviation history and aero science….open and willing to share.
    Ed did so much for so many on his own time. Thank you Ed.
    I hope his wife is still doing well.
    Ed Stoll was a man I will never forget.
    Looking forward to joining NFFS.

    Dan Berry

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