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    Scott Lapraik

    Good day forum lovers! Well I pulled a really good one the othe day. I purchased a very nice Enya .19 model 4003 engine from Ebay and received the engine fine and everything but stupid me I through out the packaging before I realized the needle valve was removed for shipping and was packed separately. Soo, I’m looking for a replacement needle valve for this engine. The current needle valve has a larger dia. and does not work. Any assistance in locating one would be greatly appreciated.


    Scott J. Lapriak
    Portland, TN

    Dean McGinnes


    I am away from my computer until Sunday. You may need to consider replacing the whole spraybar assembly. OS Max NVA’s work well, depending on the diameter.

    I can dig into my supply when I get home. In the meantime, if you could mike the Enya spraybar, we could see if one of mine will fit.

    Also, the OS NVA’s work really well with a bladder.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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