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    😕 Now this may seem like a stooooopid question—but I need to find some information so I know what I am reading about. All my life it’s been 1/2A and A F/F/ and nothing else; I have never been involved with the FAI before ( mebbe not in the future) all of these F1, F2 etc. etc. Where can I find written information that will explain to this unwashed one, what all these numbers mean specifically? Just so that I don’t continue down the path of ignorance. 😳


    A read of this document :
    should explain a lot for you.

    Dean McGinnes

    I sure liked it better when we names: Wakefield, Nordic, Power, Coupe, etc. 🙁


    Hey Dean, SOME of us still use those terms. Guess what? The guys who fly that stuff still know what we are talking about.

    Lee Hines

    And, BTW, I have stated that due to my respect for the great NORDIC A2 Champion, Rudi Lindner,
    who passed on recently, I will be using Nordic & Wakefield, etc
    terms as best I can in future.
    Rudi’s NORDIC design, SPINNE, was inspiration for my first NORDIC build,
    called Spirod in 1957. My dedication to the NORDIC event and the beauty
    of their flight, keeps me inspired to this day.
    More than 53 years later, this October I will be pursuing another spot on the USA NORDIC TEAM!!!

    Advert: Anybody out there want to be my right hand man at Finals?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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