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    Just got my packet from the USA team selection for 2011 program.

    It appears that if you DT for any reason prior to 20 seconds, you get your flight score and don’t get another attempt.

    This is on the International level.

    What do you guys think about this?

    As you may remember, I kind of objected to this in the past as being somewhat unfair to DT, especially by radio to get another attempt.

    I felt the same way about fancy dancy DT aborts by electronic timer when all launch features did not go according to plan.

    Rene Limberger

    this means i can finally show off my new “Terminal Dive – TD” functionality but also means i have to take a 2nd model box with spares. just makes things more complicated.



    What you have is not unique; the Scots version is called the ‘Splat Option’ which has been shown to be very effective in most circumstances. SO is closely related to the Hines/Cowley/Gregeorie /CHE ‘Skip Yogi’ function of course and much other nifty stuff in our software load that I can’t tell you about.

    Those F1 guys should come to us for launch control and the like ie KERS = Keep engine running, Stafford.



    Well I can’t wait to see and hear the other creative ways to get out of a bad launch score. Based on what I am hearing so far, I certainly will not have any complaints.

    I have tried the TD with lack of radio option a few years back. My radio receiver decided to jettison during the bunt, and the controls locked up in the bunt position. I certainly did not feel that this was a plus as it dove from 200 feet at high velocity near a sprinkling system. Luckily the ground was pretty soft there, but I never did find the receiver. I have only used this model with radio DT for test flying to avoid name calling.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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