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    2.. Is it better to launch straight or to try to bank & turn during
    the bunt? My inclination is to launch straight without any turn during
    the bunt sequence, eliminating zoom rudder deflection and taking out
    wing wash-in (so there will be no transition from dragging to lifting on
    the washed in wing) during the acceleration ( hook straight, latch open
    phase). I am hoping this will reduce the need to keep one eye on the
    model whilst the desperate sprint phase is on at the bottom end of the
    line (and streamline the model for a bit more speed as well?) Can’t
    imagine having to hang on till the model turns in the right direction
    whilst covering ground like a greyhound would be a reliable way to go.

    Neil Murry posted by Jim Parker


    2. It is much easier to launch straight, although most launches are a
    curve or arc to a greater or lesser degree. It is possible to build up
    lots of speed by setting the model to curve when unlatched such that the
    acceleration starts when the model is actually pointing away or is
    perpendicular to the direction of the running. The model then has to
    make a turn during your run such it is pointing forward and is high on
    the line at the moment of launch. I have done this but have found it to
    be very tricky and hard to repeat is changing weather conditions. If
    the conditions were always calm it would be good, but mix in wind and
    the timing and settings need to change, but you don’t need the extra
    speed in wind anyway so better to stick with the more forgiving straight
    setup. In reality I like just a slight amount of turn or arc such that
    the acceleration can start just when the model is “turning the corner”
    before the launch.


    2.. Is it better to launch straight or to try to bank & turn during the bunt?
    A little turn is good if it is windy and thermally but you must not have too
    much. A bunt is less critical of launch attitude than a zoom but if the
    model is turning too much it will roll level and bunt down.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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