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    HI, Jim and readers of this Forum:
    I would like to know where to find a copy of the rules for F1Q. I have attempted to contact Frank Pollard without any luck, so I thought I would contact the readers.
    Here are the simple questions:
    1. What are the weight, area and other specifications for F1Q?
    2. What are the flight requirements, eg: motor run, max flight, number of flights, etc?
    3. What are the restrictions/requirements for motors and batteries?
    Articles I have read tell me what each of the writers have done, but they do not specify any of these particulars. If you can’t refer me to a source, could you just answer the questions. I am sure I am not the only one who is curious.
    Thanks in advance,
    Bob Stalick


    F1Q in a nut shell
    The only limitation is the battery’s weight (including leads). Lithium Polymer batteries can weigh up to 90 grams, Nickel based batteries up to 120 grams. (They are practically obsolete).

    There are no area or loading requirements.

    There is no BOM requirement.

    Motor runs are up to 25 seconds. In practice 15 seconds are sufficient. There are 7 official rounds (remember – this is an FAI event) followed by flyoffs. The max is set at 3 minutes for all flights. In the flyoffs (again FAI specs – 10 minute windows, two timers etc.) the motor run is cut 5 seconds each consecutive flight, till reaching 5 seconds, while keeping the max at 3 minutes. So if the motor run is 15 seconds in the 7 regular rounds, the first flyoff will have a 10 seconds motor run, and all the following 5 seconds motor runs. And if one start with 20 seconds motor runs, the first flyoff will have a 15 second motor run etc.

    These rules can be found on the official FAI site. (Just Google FAI free flight.)


    Hi, Aram and Brian:
    thanks for the quick and helpful responses.
    Bob Stalick

    Jim Jennings

    Bob, if you need anything to get started I would be happy to help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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