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    Do the FAI have a minimum number of flyers required in F1A, F1B or F1C in a contest?

    Can’t seem to pick it up on the FAI site, so if you know for sure please tell.


    Come on, somebody must know please.

    Have been told elsewhere, 5 minumum flyers required to make a contest, but another said one is enough???????????????

    FAI must surely have a ruling on this, l would think.


    I was at a contest this past weekend that had two fliers in F1C.
    There may have been only one in F1Q as well?


    >Do the FAI have a minimum number of flyers required in F1A, F1B or F1C in a contest?

    The FAI aren’t concerned about local contests .. more about international events, in which the competitors are ‘persons or teams from at least two different nations’. Which doesn’t mean that an Aussie and a Kiwi can just get together and have an International contest, as it has to organised by – or with permission – of a NAC, entered in the FAI Sporting Calendar and only open to the two guys if they hold FAI Sporting Licenses anyway….

    Whether your own national body has a ruling about minimum numbers… I wouldn’t know; certainly MAAC doesn’t ..and enough contests are held these days where only one or two people turn up for a specific class.


    Thanks Jim for that. l had 2 phone calls re. this and am sure l could remember 5 being the minimum to make it a contest, as far as FAI were concerned, but was also suggested that that rule was now nul and void.

    As you say, now that it seems there are so few of us left freeflighting in some parts of the world then guess l guess even one flyer can make a contest. LOL.

    Not my problem anyway, just said l would try and find out—thanks again.

    Of course if someone DOES have more info. though, please post it here.

    Bill Shailor

    There’s no minimum as far as FAI is concerned. The only time numbers matter is for U.S. team selection or America’s Cup points. But as far as FAI goes, no minimum.


    Okay, thanks for that Bill.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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