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    Brandon has finished his P-30. I wasn’t real tickled with this kit, but heard others rave about it. I didn’t care for the wing/stab construction, the lapped over ribs really make covering ugly because the tissue gets sucked down onto the flat parts of theTE. The wood was heavy and the airplane is quite overweight, but rather then start over with new wood, we elected to build it as is. Never the less, he perservered and did a very nice job. We are going to built a 12″ folder for it too so he can fly it in Jr Mulvihill with double motors, should be interesting. He does want to build another Souper 30 however. The next project is either a 1/2A or a tip launch glide. Depends on if Gramps can get out to the table saw to rip up the wood for the gliders.

    A proud young builder, geeked on model airplanes.


    That’s a good youngster there , Randy.
    At a thousand feet in a thermal no one can see the wrinkles. I’ll be happy to compare wrinkled rib joints with him at the NATS.
    Try the Canard Tail-Firster kit. Easy fits and minimum weight.


    Actually Dan, hardly a wrinkle anywhere, he picked up on tissue covering like a duck to water, its just that ugly TE. I did have to slow him down a bit here and there, he tends to be like his Dad, in a hurry. He’s also a dabber so I had to keep reminding him the “stroke, stroke” the brush. I’m proud of him, he sticks with it even when it gets frustrating, he pays attention and learns and most of all, he LIKES this stuff!


    Is that a flat-stock TE with the ribs hooked over it? If so, I’d understand your frustration.
    Free Flight certainly helps develop many varied skills.
    What sort of 1/2A are you guys leaning toward? Maybe a recent magazine plan? 🙂


    Hi Dan,

    Yep, that’s it. Normally if I were building it I’d have put soft balsa fillers strips between the ribs and sanded them to shaps so there was no flat. But since the model was coming out heavy to begin with I opted not to have Brandon do that. In hind sight it probably would have been a better choice since its so heavy anyway. Oh well, we got past it

    Of course I’m sort of a sourpuss on kits anyway, I haven’t built from kits for 30 years or more, I’m used to myown fits and myown techniques and criticle of anything that doesn’t meet that standard.

    We’re going to built Mini-Pearls, a simple straight forward proven design. If he holds true to form, he will probably gravitate back to rubber. His father (my son) didn’t like engines and Brandon dosen’t seem quite as fearful as his Dad was, but he’s never been real interested when I run engines. We’ll see, maybe I’ve created a monster, that wouldn’t be all bad.


    Yea ❗

    All she needs now is good air under the wings.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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