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    Ed O’Brien

    With no successor to FM on the horizon, what do other sport fliers do for the latest industry news and general ff information. I know the competition folks have the Digest, which is great but it does not have the sport free flight coverage that FM had. Has the FAC or anyone else attempted to fill the void? I subscribe to Mike Nassise’s file newsletter But he can’t be expected to take up all the slack.

    Ed OBrien
    Manchester, CT


    Patience …. Thayer Syme is working at it

    Roger Morrell

    also Hip Pocket at

    has some sport, scale and indoor


    Ed O’Brien

    Thank you gentlemen. If Thayer Syme is working on it I can be patient.

    Ed O


    Aero Modeller in Britain has started up again and it’s excellent, but quite expensive:
    I just bought the latest copy which has a full-size plan for a coupe d’hiver from 1954 and all kinds of sport, scale, old-timer and, yes, competition stuff. And it’s all free flight and control line!

    Ed O’Brien

    I can resist anything, except temtation.

    John Oian

    As to Aero-Modeler. The magazine is also available on Pocket-Mags on the Aero-Modeler subscription page as a digital subscription for $23.99/year. Just like the digital version of the NFFS “Free Flight”. If you want a hard copy of a page, you can probably print one, and it’s a lot less than the 44pound ($69 U.S.) cost of a mailed subscription.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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