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    Ok, I’m trying to get an F1P ready (Astrostar 404… check. Fora .061… check. Multi-way timer… check.) And now it’s time to fuel-proof it.

    I’ve got the wing and stab polyspan covered with several coats of nitrate. The fuselage is sealed with several coats of nitrate.

    I’m thinking of spraying clear KlasKote onto the fuselage, the center-bottom of the wing, and the center 4 bays and the leading edge of the stab, then using Aerogloss fuel-proofer on the remaining surface.

    What are some other ways to fuel-proof this beast?


    Greg in Mississippi

    Glenn Schneider

    There may be other ways to fuel proof an airplane but you already have the best one at hand in my book. I’d use butyrate dope on the fuselage next time (somewhat fuel proof)then two coats of the Klascote on the fuselage and high exposure areas of the wing. The Aerogloss stuff is great but alas no longer available. (Anyone have a source for equivalent?) a thin coat of the KlasCote over the whole thing works well too. Good luck with your “P”, looks like that may become a real competitive class and separate from F1C at some of these meets. Thermals, Glenn



    Thanks for the info. Bummer about AeroGloss Fuel Proofer not being available anymore… how long has it been gone?

    One of the reasons for nitrate on the fuselage under the epoxy is that I’ve heard that epoxy sticks better on nitrate than butyrate. Any experience on this?

    Again, thanks!

    Greg in Mississippi


    Hi greg
    KlassKote will go over nitrate with no problem. I have also put it over Brodak butyrate dope with no ill effects so far.
    For your purposes, i wouldn’t fool with it on the stab at all. Just use some butyrate there. On the fuselage, I’d just do the motor-pylon area and butyrate the rest.
    Patching the covering that has epoxy on it is a bit more of a pain than the dope only area.
    Everything sticks better to nitrate. There is an opinion that NOTHING actually sticks to butyrate dope.
    We’d like a picture here.
    Do you have a field in Columbus?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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