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    Mike Schwartz

    This is the supplier for the Fuller Plast fuel proofer that Bob Deshields and I use on our models. Gemini Coatings Inc. Their web site is Gemini-Coatings.com They only sell to their dealers. Call customer service at 800 262-5710 and they will give you the names and phone numbers for the nearest dealer location. Gemini does not give out cost information, you have to contact the dealers for that. Here is the Fuller Plast info. Sku.# 353-00-1 for 1 gal. of Gloss Fuller Plast. Sku.# for 5 gals. is 353-00-5 The product comes with the catalyst included. Fuller Plast is not available in quarts or pints. You will need to thin it with lacquer thinner if spraying. Bob and I use Dupont 3602S Lacquer thinner. The S after the Dupont number stands for slow which slows down the drying time in hot weather. It is also available in M for medium for use in mid temps and F for fast in cold temps. Dupont thinner is available from auto body paint supply shops only. you can use other high quality brand lacquer thinners also. For best results avoid using the Home Depot or Lowes cheap lacquer thinner. You can use those cheap thinners for clean up.

    Kit Bays


    How does FullerPlast compare to clear Klasskote in terms of weight and application?

    Mike Schwartz

    Kit Fullerplast and Klasskote clear are similar in application, but different in material makeup. Klasskote is a 2 part epoxy while Fullerplast is a 2 part varnish. Both are clear in color. Both are similar in weight depending on how much you apply of course. Fullerplast is used by the Fender Guitar Co. on their Strato-Cast guitars for 50 years. it is also what Bow mfg.’s use on their bows as a finish coat. Bows flex a lot during their use and the Fullerplast finish withstands the flexing of the bow better then epoxy will, which could lead to cracking and delamination of the epoxy finish. Our wings flex, but not as much as a bow would. Fullerplast shelf life is forever. Bob Deshields has a 18 year old can he has been using and the material is still good. Fullerplast is thinned for spraying using lacquer thinner. Some states like California have prohibited the sale of lacquer thinner so if you live in one of those states you may have to order lacquer thinner rather then getting it from a local supplier. Fullerplast is only available in clear, so for colors you need to use Klasskote. Bob and I use Klasskote when applying color to our fuselages when they are not finished just with tissue. klassKote is one of the easiest epoxy finishes I have used when applying color. Hope this helps.

    Denny Dock

    Mike ,
    I have a question too. Do you apply the Fuller Plast over …Balsa? Butyerate? Nitrate?

    Mike Schwartz

    DDock Bob and I use nitrate over the tissue. We have not used butyrate for years. We tissue cover the balsa fuselages and then apply 2 coats of Fullerplast by spraying. We spray 2 coats of Fullerplast on the wings and stabs also. You could apply it over bare balsa if you wanted to. We put at least 4 coats of nitrate on the tissue first, then apply the Fullerplast. Fullerplast being a 2 part material has a strong smell when applying it and you should wear a respirator.

    George Reinhart

    Any special procedure for patching?
    You DO fly those beauties don’t you?

    Mike Schwartz

    Pete Do your repairs as normal. If the repairs are just a small area just brush on the Fullerplast. We fly all of them all of the time. Bob and I have been flying together since 1959. We are always thinking ahead to the next trim scheme.



    Here is a supplier of Fuller Past.



    This is an update from the supplier –
    In 1994, Gemini Coatings became the manufacturer of the catalyzed varnish “Fullerplast” when Fuller O’ Brien Paint Company was acquired by “The Grow Group”, a consortium of paint companies that included Glidden and Devoe (this has long-since been absorbed by PPG Paints). Gemini Coatings manufactured, distributed and sold Fullerplast until late 2017, when the main raw material (a synthetic resin) became unavailable by the supplier. We were unable to secure a new source for the resin nor were we able to produce a replacement for Fullerplast that would match the characteristics wood finishers around the globe had become accustomed to.

    We had a main distributor in Florida called “Van-Dee Decorating” but their inventory is depleted, and as of today, we know of no sources for any remaining inventory anywhere in the United States. With all this being said, trying to find a suitable alternative to Fullerplast will be difficult, and we are acutely aware of the issue, and offer these products as possible alternatives. Keep in mind that alternative products will have preparation and application parameters that may be significantly different than Fullerplast, so please do your research, read the technical data sheets and talk to the technical support personnel for whomever you choose to do business with.

    We recommend Asteria Conversion Varnish for applicators in all states except Colorado and California; For applicators in California and Colorado, where VOC laws are much more restrictive, we offer a low-VOC version (see attached Technical Data Sheets). Both products, because of the latest technology in wood coatings, are not going to be similar to Fullerplast in a few ways, the addition of catalyst in the correct amount is critical to proper film formation, dry/cure and long-term performance. Solvents for reduction are restricted to what is listed on the respective technical data sheets. There can be no additional solvents, tints or dyes without specific approval from Gemini’s Technical Services as there may be compatibility issues.

    The positive side of these products are, much longer pot life, higher build, virtually crystal clear resin, and UV inhibitors to help resist yellowing. These also dry to sand/recoat much faster than Fullerplast, but are limited in the total dry film thickness that may be applied to your wood surfaces. Please note this when reviewing the Technical Data Sheets. Below is a link to Gemini’s “dealer locator”, I encourage people to look for industrial wood coatings distributors near them as they tend to have a broader expertise in fins wood finishing practices.


    I am happy to elaborate further if needed, let me know how I can help.

    Brian B. Leck
    Technical Services
    Equipment and Sundry Purchasing
    Gemini Industries Brands

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