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    Will the price of gasoline affect you from attending contests
    this year?
    Just curious !


    😡 $3.40 in Stevensville, Michigan this morning. Lucky to live only a mile from where I teach. 😀


    Rooms and food are a bigger concern.

    Dean McGinnes

    Agreed, Dan,

    Even @ 3.50 – 3.75 per gallon, the room and food is a bigger hit. I am still looking for someone to split a room in Muncie


    We currently pay £1.05+ per litre or close to £5 ($10) per UK gallon. I offset the carbon footprint by flying glider, not gas models.

    Dohrman Crawford

    I camp out at the muncie Nats, so I don’t spend a great deal anyway. I willl be there no matter what the price goes to. [although I may become unhinged if I glance at the total on the gas pump when I fill up my Expedition]


    >I may become unhinged if I glance at the total on the gas pump

    Yep, it hurts .. and it hurts me more than you because gas costs more in Canada than the US; I’m always happy to hit the pumps when I cross the border for Geneseo three or four times a year and rising prices will not deter me from those few occasions I get to fly with others on a decent field.

    A friend in Norway is paying equivalent of about US$8.50, for a short gallon … so comparatively speaking … things could be worse….

    >We currently pay £1.05+ per litre or close to £5 ($10) per UK gallon.

    Which converts, at this morning’s exchange, to US$7.96 for a US short gallon.

    Dohrman Crawford

    Jim, I am heartily glad to see your posting, and I hope you are on the path to a full and complete recovery!!!!!
    I usually drive my 15 year old Miata to work at the simulator. [33miles] I can go right at 300 miles on a tank of gas. It costs a little over $20 to fill up. I can go a little further in the Ford Expedition, but it costs over $70 to fill up! We also drive a ’99 Saab 95 that gets 34 mpg on the road at highly illegal speeds. So, I don’t mind too much when I drive the tank, as I do it as little as possible. However, the tank carries a BIG load of models, camping supplies and a motorcycle hanging off the rear bumper with no problems. It is just the cost of doing business.

    Ed Hardin

    If I remember right gas prices last July and August were around $2.95-$3.00 per gallon. My trip to Muncie is 800 miles round trip. Pulling my camper with a Ford F150 gets 10 miles/gallon. If prices are up $.50 to $.75 over last year it will cost about $40.00 to $60.00 more than last year. Not enough to keep me home. Could eliminate a trip to the Texas Roadhouse one night and save that much.

    Bill Shailor

    I agree with Ed on this one. When you look at the difference the higher prices mean form one year to the next, it is troubling but not something to sit at home and be hacked off over. We stay on the field and when you consider we have great neighbors and dining with one of the best views around, there’s no way I’d stay home and miss the NATS!


    It basically cost me $200 in gas last year for a trip to Muncie…This year, it will be $218….That is a case and a half of beer at the Shailor camp…Plus a brat or two….


    ….it will be $218….That is a case and a half of beer at the Shailor camp…

    Beer is expensive where you live!

    Bill Shailor

    I thought I had John convinced what I was charging him for beer was fair.
    So much for my kids’college fund!

    Derek McGuckin

    858 miles one way to Lost Hills at $3.50 a gallon. Who knows what the actual cost will be by Memorial Day. I usually stay at the Motel 6, but I might take a tent this time. It’s going to hurt either way!



    Back a couple of months I see it was $3.50 per gallon over your way.

    We here in OZ are now paying at least $1.50 per litre and in US gallons, if you don’t already know that is close to $6.00 per gallon, and our dollar to yours is very close to one for one

    go figure??????????

    I don’t normally bitch about fuel cost, or cost of much else for that matter, but we just did about 2000 kilometers/1200 miles going south to fly some models and I truly have no idea how much gas I put into our large station waqon, but it did seem to take at least 100 bucks every time the gauge showed under 1/2 full, or empty, as the case may be.

    My Jetski holds 70 litres/18 gallons and that supercharged super performance thing can gobble a tank full in less than one our if pushed hard.

    So where is all this ending, I may well ask? So where to next? Pedal power?

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