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    The Approved Design list shows 2 versions of fuller’s Zoot Suit. The earlier
    57″ span published in M.A.N. in ’53 being available on the NFFS Plans Service list. Does any one know of a source for the 61″ span version published in June ’54 RAF Flying Review? In the July issue there is mention that it is “George Fuller’s 1954 version of Britains’ top free-flight power design” Might one suspect the later non – Nostalgia era “Dixielander” would owe something to his previous designs? Any help, greatly appreciated.
    Cheers(and thanks, Alan for getting us back on track) dd


    Hi Crew, I’m back—was gossie, but it would not let me on, so now i’m just ‘gos’.

    Zoot Suit—-Contact Peter <a href="mailto:Lloyd”>Lloyd

    lt’s a popular vintage model in OZ and flys well using from a 1.49 diesel to a 2.5 glo

    Peter has a good one with a Green head Torp.

    Peter also has lots of ‘goodies’ on his web site—-check it out. 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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