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    Hey gang, I see that in 2011 the Carl Goldberg “Viking” will be the “One design Model for 1/2a” nostalgia. Many years ago I built a Viking but didn’t have the skills to fly it. So, I was wondering if the design has a good contest history? I hear tales of Galaxies, Witch Doctors, Ram Roads, T-Birds, Dixie Landers and many others, but not much talk about the Viking. Was this a winning design at one time?

    Jack Murphy

    Good question. My dad had one back in the 60’s but dropped the thrust line down onto the lower fuselage. Think he was fairly successful with it though at the time he was also flying FAI and Wakefield at each event so it was hard to keep track. I have a complete kit from the era that I intend to build. Won it at a contest back then (thank you Del Merchant). I also want to know what the reduced scale is so I can build another smaller. Thermals, -j


    It won the Aussie Nats in our Class1 Power about 10 years ago…..If that helps.


    It was a popular kit.
    I had one and also lowered the thrustline, it was my first ff power plane.

    Jack Murphy

    How can I determine what the permitted scale reduction is and if carbon fiber spars may be substituted for balsa? -j

    Steve Landy

    My late wife built one. The fuselage was a bit of a banana and there was a fair amount of washin in the right main panel. It flew in a right spiral climb, just like a pylon job, and rolled out beautifully into thermal seeking glide. Very different than the original with everything straight and flat. That one probably climbed higher with its straight climb but took a long time to pull out.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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