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    I just picked up a nice G20/23. What would be a good nostalgia type plane for this engine (preferably available as kit or short kit)? Also, for free flight use, should I take the restrictor out of the venturi? What kind of prop does this engine like?

    Ken Deboy


    I don’t think its a Nostalgia legal engine.

    Glenn Schneider

    Your ST is definitely not a nostalgia engine, however you should have a lot of fun flying in classic or even AMA with the right size airplane. Recommended would be a 450 satellite, Midi Pearl, ABC Scrambler,Max Hog 450, Lucky Lindy III. or something in that size range 450 to 500 sq. Check with Klarich or Holman for plans or short kits of most of these. Kits show up on a regular basis on EBay for better or worse. There have been several Seelig timers on EBay recently, ( recommended). If you take the restrictor out of the venturi you will need to use a pressure fuel system either a hard tank or bladder(binky recommended). Prop size should be around an 8/4, APC has a 7.875/3.75 that would probably work just fine. Build it and come fly with us at Sacramento!


    How about a Swiss Miss. It got 2nd place in the 1954 world champs in the USA with a K&B 15 green head up front, was also used in open power with a 29, is just on 60in span and is a great flyer.

    Michael Woodhouse has the plan. It was published in Aeromodeller Dec. 1954 magazine.

    Over the years I have built 3 of them, Elfin 2.49, Oliver Tiger and K&B 15 powered, and I have always thought just a little more grunt would suit them fine.

    Have seen a few here in OZ recently Amco 3.5, and Frog 29 appart from mine and they all go well. Just a thought for you. Good luck. 🙂


    I concur with the Swiss Miss.
    Peter Twiss in South Australia was flying one several years back and it was awesome. 😀


    And still is. Powered with an AM25 Mk l diesel.


    Steve Landy

    I started one of these with the intent of flying it in Nosgas with a Max .19. Then I discovered the Vintage FAI Power event(s). I’ve made an aluminum plate mount for a Max III .15 that matches the mount holes for the .19 so now it will be a twofer. Has anybody got any advice in thrimming the with the added go the Max has comparted to the Torp? I feel silly writing this with a foot of snow on the ground and more falling but Spring will arrive.


    I think it will trim out just fine.
    Just take it easy the first couple of flights under power and see what it does.
    Is the C of G in the same place? Would be probably better and easier if it was.
    I have in fact converted my SWISS MISS from K&B15 Grrenhead Torp. power to K&B19 Greenhead Torp. power in the last year or so…….It moved the C of G a little forward, and rather than add weight to the rear to bring it back I added a little more incidence to the wing so it glides correctly and added a fraction more down thrust……..It has an aluminium mount also as the 15 had.

    No snow here by the way…….Very busy swimming in the pool or the beach here now. 😀

    Edit. P.S. I don’t bother with the floating tab on the port wing on mine either……..just wash out both tips a little with a very little wash in on the starboard inner panel and fly it right right……they fly like a proper pylon model that way.

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