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    Nice forum here, glad to have found it.
    I have a 233 Dixielander, bare bones, that has been framed and ready for covering for about 2 years now. Ever since I saw Kit McNorgan’s tear a hole in the sky, and the fantastic penetrating glide this ship has I have been inspired. Now that it has finally been legalized(25+ years over due) I’m breaking out the dope and tissue.

    I had the maple engine bearers extra long for a honkin’ Space Hopper, but have since learned that the Fox .049 FAI, and the Medallion .049 are legal engines, so I may well use one of those.

    A bunch of my engines were all hand fitted with the guidance of Dale Kirn and Kit when I was working doing repairs at Cox in the customer service dept. Over in customer service, we had old stock parts from all the years gone by, including single, and double tapered piston/cylider assemblies for doing repairs on all the older, and newer models of engines. They would allways deliver a batch of parts from every run for us to keep as repair stock. Some of the bins and parts from the early years were quite dusty, but of excellent quality compared to what Leisure was having them make later on. Kit claimed he had already picked though the stuff, but there was no way he could have gone through it all, there was just too much there and not enough time to look at it all!

    Interestingly, there was a bin with several thousand slotted exhaust cylinders, all over bored for .051 pistons. These were done because they were too big for .049 pistons, and were re-sized to use the .051 TD piston. There was another bin of similar slotted .049 cylinders that had double bypasses with the twin side flutes, like a TD #4. I never got the story on why we had run these, but I grabbed a dozen sets of each. Alot of this oddball stuff went into product engines, especially the cars, as they were trying to not scrap it and use it up.


    Be careful with the Medallions. Not all are legal for NosGas.
    Welcome to the forum.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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