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    Have attached another photo of the front end. I could not figure out how to upload more than 1 photo at a time. This is from the Ukraine and I need help to identify it


    I have found out that this DPR/VP front end was made by Vladimir Romanchenko in the Ukraine. I still am unable to figure out how to setup/use this thing. Does anyone have an instruction manual so I can learn to use and maintain this thing.

    Roger Morrell

    Find local f1B flyer to help you …

    The small lever on the side of the hub is used for setting the Montreal stop.

    Push it over to the side.

    I assume that you have the bobbin that goes with the model and that the model has not been flown.

    You want a 30 gram motor that is roughly 13 inches in length.

    Wind motor – for initial test flight you probably want about 150 turns

    Put hub on motor

    snap the little lever over

    Let prop run on the ground and make sure the prop stops and locks when the motor run finishes.

    I assume the model has a VIT – for initial flights do not connect the VIT – connect the other lines, especially the D/T !

    These initial test flights should be with out using the instant or delayed start , just hold the prop blade with your hand – start timer and release model

    Always fully wind the timer every flight

    The fully wound motor should probably have about 420-450 turns

    When you you have got up to about 320-350 you will have to use the VIT and instant or delayed start

    When you do this the hub blades have to be locked , typically this is done by twisting the blades into a feathered position. Normally this cannot be done unless the motor is wound to near max torque. In this case wind motor to max – set hub on model – release montreal with the little lever and let the blades rest against the prop start hold, then you should be able to twist the blade into a feathered position by holding the metal prop hanger where the prop screws into

    Find local F1B flyer to help you …


    Thanks Roger for the excellent information and advice. As equipment goes, is this DPR/VP I have reliable or are there better unit out there. I like to know how things work and would really like to see a diagram of this front end, does the spinner unscrew or how do I get it off to inspect the inner workings I installed a motor this morning and put a few winds into it, it does fully lock when rubber winds down. The model I received has all the features, VIT, wing wiggler, DPR/VP, and has been flown (not by me) and trimmed. I’m in Green Bay, Wisconsin and am looking for someone to fly with. Again, thank you for all the great suggestions.

    George Reinhart

    I can’t see if you ever stated whether you have a mechanical timer or electronic.
    If as you say, the model has been flown and “trimmed” you probably have a pretty good chance of making successful first flights without serious problems.
    One thing to consider is if the sequence of control line release from the timer hooks is obvious (not every modeler follows the same logic path).
    I suggest not changing the timer settings supplied with the model unless and until you are certain they need adjustment.
    Fist try hand gliding with the stab in the glide (not D/T’d) Just for safety’s sake.
    Then, try the cruise phase with maybe 150-200 turns and make sure the timer is set and running so that the D/T works.
    You can lose a model from just a hundred feet up.
    The last 10-15 percent of a full wind is where you really NEED rudder and V.I.T. though where you want them operable is a matter of fine trim.
    Roger was too modest to tell you that he is the agent for the very exceptional Vivchar models and parts.
    I can recommend both the models and his service.
    Sure hope you can find an experienced helper up there.
    PS. Don’t worry so much about how the rpop works until you can get the model flying reliably.


    John Lorbiecki is in Hubertus. 100 miles away from you.
    He would know about anyone closer to you.

    lorbieckie at

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