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    Hallo to everybody.

    I’m working hard around my new f1c: i’ve finished the wings and now I’m starting the fuselage.

    But I need you’ll help me for the bunt system. My idea may be good, but I’m not sure to make a good system, could be fault!

    Can you help give me a little drawing of your bunt system? I am sure I will use a mechanical timer ( I’ve found good timers from polska on the web ) with 5 function ( engine, bunt, planning, vertical and antitermic )

    I hope you will help me; please give me a draw, I’ve big problem to understand if you will use only a message!!

    Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: in attach my new wings!



    By far the best bunt system is the scissors style. This is probably used on 90% of the power models. I highly recommend that you purchase the unit that is available from Eugene Verbitsky. It is a very precisly machined piece and for the price you cannot beat it. I think I paid somewhere around $40-45 for mine. Maybe it was less.

    It is very important that the bunt will release downward easily when tension is put on it. A pivoting arm is very poor for this (I have tried it and it would fail at am inoppurtune time) as the pressure from the stab is down and the arm must overcome this. The scissors releases cleanly and is very positive in its power (vertical) setting.

    Get some of these and you will not be unhappy with the results!!


    john, thanks for your answer.

    I don’t want to buy nothing from Verbisky or another russian modeler, I prefer to made everythings by myself.

    I buy only the engine and the timer: I think that russian materials are not so good, the russian carbon fiber isn’t hard ( is basalt? ), the aramidic tissue is not kevlar, is a brown tissue that drink a lot of resin!!

    And the russian aluminium is soft, european aluminium like anticorodal or ergall is another world!!!

    It is for this that I’d like to have a draw of the russian bunt system, only to comporate this with my system.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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