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    Scott Lapraik

    I will purchasing a new Hi Perf. .049 since I lost my Cyclone in the corn fields of Muncie 🙁 !!! Since the cost and availability of Cyclones is way out there what are the experts thoughts on the Fora or Profi .049’s? Reading there specs. there appear to be very close in performance both claiming to have RPM’s at 30K. Your opinions are greatly appreciated.

    Thks, Scott


    I use a Fora .049 in my Pilfered Pearl 310 and it seems to haul it pretty well even with that toothpick prop. The Fora is a slightly cruder copy of the Cyklon. I’ve never tached it, but it’s a smooth running easy starting engine that makes a lot of noise. (Having an engine that sounds like a dentist drill put through a Marshall amplifier really takes the fun out of flying 1/2-A, so I tend to focus more on nostalgia and the larger classes these days.) But I would definitely recommend the Fora.

    Glenn Schneider

    Talk to Doug Galbreath about his Pico .050 (legal for 1/2A). He thinks it is a better engine than the cyclon (of course he sells them). The pico has set several speed records in the hands of Jerry Rocha. There is limited availability as he can no longer get the base units and he virtually remanufactures the engine. Google on Doug Galbreath for info. Thermals, Glenn

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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