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    😀 You would be hard pressed to find a guy that had more fun at the Nats than that crazy guy flying the orange Ram Rod.What a fun night flying the ‘jet’. 😉

    Bill Shailor

    Hearing it sure brought back old memories of night jet flying outside the Navy hangar!


    Yes, us Minneapolis Model Airplane Club members know how to make noise. Part of this is because we are celebrating out 70th year since establishing the club in 1937.

    You should show up at one of our contests CD d by Don Monson. After the contest is over, he blasts off a 55 gallon drum with explosives to create this ring vortex that goes up to the clouds and back. Makes the jet flying quiet in comparison.

    At our Christmas parties, Don blows up a hydrogen filled balloon in the host’s living room. This did not go over too well when he also had it filled with confetti that covered the room afterwards. The lady of the house complained for months trying to clean up all of the debris from her nick nacks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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