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    Although it will be a few more years until I retire, I would like to find out if Muncie would be a good spot for my “Golden Years”. I have flown ff at the Nats there a couple of times and I also enjoy flying r/c gliders and electric powered sailplanes.
    Anyone care to offer their opinion on the joys or not of retiring to Muncie?
    Hope someone will offer their thoughts on both the pros and cons.



    I hope you’ll be looking for a residence more than three miles from the AMA site. Living closer and you wouldn’t be able to operate your r/c gear until dark as the facility could always be in use. This of course is not specific to Muncie.

    The site is a great place to fly whether f/f or r/c. Whenever the site is hosting an r/c event there is no r/c flying during the day at any of the other flying locations for frequency control reasons. Frequency control is maintained at the center r/c site. Flying gliders[r/c] from the 6×6 field requires a drive to the center r/c field to deposit an AMA card with info telling all that you’ll be operating at a different location. I can tell you that not all of the local fliers look at the frequency board before flying!

    I don’t know the club situation in town. The AMA’s clubsearch:
    indicates many clubs in Indiana.

    I like travelling out to Muncie. My wife wou;ldn’t consider living there though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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