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    Denny Dock

    Hey Dave,
    Was there ever a flat bottom Hustler that would be Nos. Legal??Having flown in Very high wind, I was looking for a design that would be a good penatrator. I have always liked the Hustler, but would like something flat bottom.


    Hello Denny

    The undercambered Hustler just squeaked into the NOS gas period. Inspiration was Russ Hansen’s T-Bird seen at the team finals in 1955 by Sid Jepson and Willard Anderson. NOS Hustler uses Goldberg Sailplane airfoil in the wing. Even Sids’ most modern version (1966) with higher aspect ratio wing and elliptical tips used a thinned version of the undercambered Goldberg airfoil.

    The 1/2 A version Hustler with flat bottom airfoil and 3 panel wing was first flown about 1958 and kitted in 1960. This is an ideal model for the “Golden Era” event. I fly a modified version of this currently for 1/2A gas and F1J, thinned airfoils, plug in wing panels, powered by a Cyclon 049, really goes up in a hurry!

    I now have two Hustler 750s, two Hustler 600s, two Hustler 400s for NOS. I have one 1/2A Golden Era, and one 1/2 A modern version.

    The plans for the 600 and 750s show the wrong wood size for the fuselage. The 400 should be 3/8 stringers with 3/32 sheeting, the 600 1/2″ stringers with 1/8″ sheeting, and the 750 3/4″ stringers with 1/8 sheeting.

    The NOS approved Hustler was the 400 square inch version, with 600s and 750s scaled up by Jim O’Reilley. The 400s and 600s were both flown prior to 1956. I built my first Hustler 440 in 1958 and won KOI FAI junior senior after one test flight. Flew it for 6 years. Built the 600 version in 1959, flew it one season until I forgot to start the engine timer and put it right through the clouds.

    Brad Bane scaled down the Hustler for 020 size and won 020 NOS at the NATS. Flew just like the big ones.


    I’m not sure about the issue with under-cambered wings in wind — most British designs have undercambered wings and most of their contests occur in howling gales, from what I read in Aeromodeller. You can build a T-Bird with either undercambered or flat-bottom airfoils. The 1/2-A version had a flat-bottom airfoil and most larger T-Birds are a scaled up version of the !/2-A. The original T-Bird 600 had an undercambered airfoil and that’s the version I fly. It’s had a number of engines on it and is currently really going well with a Torpedo .32, chosen primarily because the airplane weighs 32 ounces. The undercambered version is kitted by BMJR and the flat-bottom version was kitted by Campbells. The original undercambered version has the spars going through the center of the wing and I had big problems with the wing washing out under power. I built a new wing and split the spars into 1/4 sq. top and bottom spars and now the wing is rigid.

    Denny Dock

    Thanks Dave and Simon,
    Always kind of liked the Hustler design (I have time to cut ribs).T-bird is a great design too. I’m just not going to fight the fuselage. (just me). Pulled out the Zero plan…Flat bottom-High thrust…Might be the one.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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