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    I have one of these and wondered if anybody has used them. Feels like a very nice engine. What time frame were they made and performance? A good FF ship to use it in etc. With a name like Webra it can,t be bad.
    Best to all in 07. Dan

    Norm Furutani

    Around 1960, my Dad had a RamRod 400, he tried several KB .09’s, and ended up with the Webra 1.5. It was a very good combo. I think it was a 1.5 Record, plain bearing, red anodized head?

    AMA FF rules had changed from 1oz./ to 1.5oz/ (I think this is how it went) anyway an .049 went from a min. weight of 5 oz. to 7.5oz. Diesels were very popular.

    – Norm


    I have had 4 of those over the years.
    Sold one, lost one, in a Stomper, and have two here at the moment.
    The first one came out in 1952 with a blue head and only the radial mount.
    The second one came out in 1954 with a red head has both radial and beam mounts, but to beam mount it you need to file away part of the radial mount.
    There is a later one as well all aluminium, with a beam mount only.
    For Australian vintage when pre 1955 is the rule for model and engine the ’54 red head is the most powerfull 1.5 diesel, if you read the ‘road tests’ in the the old magazines.
    I have mine in an Eliminator and a Sorcerer.
    Prop. to use for max BHP is a 7×4, and the Webra suggested fuel works best for starting and running. 40% Ether, 30% Castor, 30% Kerosene, or Jet A if you know someone who flys a jet for a fraction more grunt.
    Add 2% Amyl nitrate or nitrite if you have a source, or DII—-diesel ignition improver from the control line guys.
    Be sure to use a GOOD finger stall to flick it, because these things bite BIG TIME, even on a good day. You have been warned. Otherwise a very good old diesel engine that do run very hard.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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