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    I’m in Oregon and a few modelers here are beginning to build scale models for the fun of trying top get them to fly. Only rubber powered at this point, but who knows…

    What are you all flying and where?

    George Gilbert


    I build scale models at times.
    The last one I built last year was a MACCHI 308. 44in span and powered with an ED Bee.
    Flies well too in large left hand circles.

    Have several others here too…..Luton Minor, Farman Moustique, Piper Super Cruiser all IC powered, and rubber powered Thunderbolt….bad flier though, and a Blackburn Monoplane.


    Here it is flying on a dead calm morning and coming back to me.
    It’s freeflight of course.


    I fly scale as well, rubber power only. Pretty much all classes, too. Personal favorite is the Corsair. Doesn’t get any better than seeing Whistling Death circling peacefully in a thermal.


    I too fly FF scale. From P-Nut to Jumbo rubber. I also enjoy 1/2A Texaco R/C scale. The 1/2A Texaco R/C scale is my latest passion. This year I’m going to try and get a “Curtiss Goshawk” built for the 1/2A Texaco scale event for the 2011 SWR at Eloy AZ. It probably won’t do that well but as long as it turns looking OK I’ll be happy with it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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