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    Norm Furutani

    National and America’s Cup Events!

    Join us at the 20th Annual, Isaacson Winter Classic, Feb. 6, 7 and 8, 2010, Lost Hills, CA.

    The Ike is a low key (sort of!) warm-up for the MaxMen. Most of the international flyers participate and it’s not unusual to have a dozen World Champs on the field. We always mixed up the events, AMA and FAI. 2 years ago we added Nos Gas. A while back, Stan Buddenbohm and Ralph Ray wanted to fly CLG in rounds and that event has become very popular. This year we’re going to add the Vint. FAI Gas and the P-30 event is going to 5 flights instead of 3. We have several new P-30 fliers and we want to give them a little more experience.

    The past few years, since we went to America’s Cup and National Cup, we’ve been getting about 200 entries with 120 or so participants.

    The Isaacson begins a week of flying at Lost Hills. Tuesday – Cal Cup F1E World Cup, Weds-Thurs PanAm FAI and Fri-Sun MaxMen/Bob White International World Cup FAI.

    Typically, the weather for that week is chilly in the morning, then shirt sleeve for the rest of the day. Lost Hills is usually in its prettiest form, short green grass and little blue wild flowers.

    Come join us!

    – Norm Furutani

    Complete schedule:

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