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    Norm Furutani

    Isaacson Results can be found here:

    Last minute additions and announcements regarding the Isaacson Winter Classic.
    Since this is the Twentieth Anniversary of the Ike, we’re going to revisit an old tradition and have free burgers and chips on Saturday night. Friends and family are invited! If you have something to share, bring it along.

    New this year:
    * Vintage FAI Gas, using the new 2010 NFFS rules.
    * P-30 is going to be six flights, best three count (like HLG)
    * In addition to the FAI Style CLG (in rounds, no rubber limit, 6″ stick), we will also fly AMA CLG (Nat. Cup)
    * Lee Hines is going to have his BTV (Beat The Vartanian) West 12″ CLG mass launch eliminations.
    * Bob White said we have to offer the Moffet rubber class, but we haven’t had any entries! Let’s see some of those hot rods, and if you’re the only one, you’ll win the Nuts (pistachios)!

    All the other events are posted at:

    Norm Furutani

    Lee Hines

    A small bit of info to add to Norm’s fine flyer for the Isaacson event:
    The FAI-style CLG event will not be BOM event.
    This will allow loaner CLGs & any rubber volume to be used.
    Just ask us for a loaner CLG and have at it!
    First come first served, natch.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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