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    Has anyone heard of a kit by L.S.M. Aviation named the Jabber jr. ?
    It’s a kit with a wing span of 23 “. The kit number is LSM-002. The kit company was located in Acworth Ga.
    If anyone has info on this kit that once was I would like to know it’s history.

    Thanks…Craig H


    The Jabber Jr. was a kit produced by a former member of my club TTOMA, Thermal Thumbers of Metro Atlanta. There were a couple of reduced size models kitted but for some reason I can’t recall the other design. I’ll find out what it was and let you know. Also, there were a couple of scale models available too. Anyway, the designer’s name was Scott McGowin. His first name whatever it was started with an “L”, thus the name LSM Aviation. The kits were actually produced and sold by Hobby Supply South in Acworth, GA but unfortunately for me (because they were a very complete hobby shop and very close to my house) and everyone else they are now defunct. I will check with members of the club to see if anyone has one of the kits but as best I can recall it was nothing more than a reduced exact version of the Jabberwock.
    Scott also designed several other small rubber designs, all good flyers. The two other models I remember were “The Midway Express” (which I have a copy of the plans for) and “The Wren” ( and I don’t think he made that one available).
    I haven’t seen or heard anything about Scott for years. Last I knew he was working on Guam or some such place. You’ve now piqued my interest in acquiring his designs. I’ll keep you posted.


    Maybe some good news. I saw Scott this weekend and learned among other things that he now lives in North Carolina and is seriously considering reissuing his kit line. Besides the Jabberwock Jr. he also had a Jr Korda and Jr Phantom as well as a BE2 and one other scale biplane.
    I can remember one of the reduced size old timers was also built by one person and given a tricycle landing gear to fly ROG from the pavement.
    Let’s hope he continues with plans to make these airplanes available again.


    I now have a complete list of the offerings of LSM. Going through boxes of old magazines I found an old Hobby Supply South catalog which carried the kits and plans.
    They were (and hopefully will be again):

    Phantom Jr.
    Jabber Jr.
    Korda Jr.
    Box Car Bostonian
    Wren (I was previously mistaken that this one was never offered)
    RAF BE2e
    Sopwith Pup

    and the plans only of:
    2X Phantom
    Zlin 526 AS
    (a larger R/C version of) RAF BE2e

    Now you know about as much as I do about LSM Aviation.
    My next question to Scott will be what the “L” stands for.


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