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    Hello fellow Freeflighters..finally back in the house after Ms Rita did a job on it. Now I can get back to having fun once again !
    My question is what is a good Jetex to build for a first timer…and what source and where can I find more info on this subject..looks to be fun to fly(engines to use and where can be purchased ).




    Hi Craig

    Go to they have some downloadable plans ans source information.

    Also watch “evil bay” for Jetex stuff that comes up sometime and for modern motors, wick and fuel try Mick Woodhouse in the UK or Penn Hobbies.



    It’s a good site that Jetex one, with lots of good info., plans and nostalgia.

    One of the plans there is Ian Dowsett’s Arrow 50.
    I built one of these as a kid, when it first came out in the Aeromodeller.
    I got to meet Ian in Denmark in ’77 at the world freeflight champs. Do you remember him there Ployd?

    I built another Arrow a few years back, just for the ‘nos’ thing, and it goes well, as long as you have fuel, something now I have run out of and not bothered chasing.
    I was offered $50 for the model and motor last year

    maybe I should have taken it, instead of smiling.

    Here’s a pic of it

    hope it goes on okay.


    I saw some great ff jet models atOxfords Dreaming Spires rally last yearéThey werent using jetex though.There is a more modern eqivalent sold by Flitehook.It produces much more power.He also does kits.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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