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    Dean McGinnes

    A really great meet with fairly good attendance. Most of the top FF Gas fliers were present, and some National Cup positions were decided right then and there. Bob Mattes will post the results in due course.

    One of the highlights was seeing Luddite Dan in action. Ask him why he checked his shorts after a certain incident!!!

    He was a one man air force, continually heaving models into the air. It paid off. Now his name graces the Tom Sutor Memorial Trophy along with the likes of George Perryman, Bob Sifleet ( about 20 times), and other great champions.


    This from a guy who made 8 maxes in early 1/2A NosGas whilst running a Cub on 65% GoPop! Ask him why he used a different engine for his 9th flight!

    A great meet!

    Dean McGinnes

    Actually, it was only 7 maxes on the Cub, the 8th flight, for 1:25, was with the Atwood. 😕

    I could not have made that one without the generous use of Dan’s drill and tap.

    The Cub only snapped the crank, and we have lotsa cranks where that one came from. Also, Bill Harvey, my engine man, and I failed to heat treat that particular crank. 🙁

    Didn’t know how long it would last on the “GoPop”. The idea was to take it to a small contest and make a few officials. The airplane was trimmed with the Atwood, and a couple flights made with the Cub to check the trim. Strangely, it would work with either despite the difference in power. With the Atwood, I launched it at about a 60 degree angle. With the Cub, as vertical as I could get it. 😯 😯

    The initial reason for the high nitro was that we screwed up the chamber size when adapting the Nelson plug. Chamber was too large and it would barely get out of its’ own way on my “standard” 35% fuel. So under-compressed that it was hard to set a fine needle. On the 65%, it came alive, and was surprisingly easy to handle.

    Like I said, we got more cranks for Muncie. 😀 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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