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    Denny Dock

    King Orange was well run as usual…The Florida guys do a great job of running the meet!! I’ll try and give a quick recap: Dec. 28…Test day…OF COURSE GOOD weather…29th, nice till about 10:00, then, very windy 10 to 15,Dropped off about 3:30 to 5:00. Tough chases in the mdl of the day.Bob and I were in the ‘bad stuff’ multiple times! Skeeter moved the starting time up to 7:00 for the next two days…Good move although still dark at 7:00!!I did get a test flight in by 7:30.30th…A mix of everything…Calm, wind, rain, sprinkles and then repeat! The canal became an issue the second day. 31st…pretty fair day till a wind shift about 2:30.
    E-36, Gollywock, and scale mass launches were fun to watch, Looked like the electric flying was outstanding, Bob had his Satelite 450 and big Pearl
    flying as good as I have ever seen them, Scott and I had three maxes in B nos. He put in a 6 second test flight and landed it in the mdl of the canal.Not pretty dripping water out of the rib bays! The FAC guys were at it all three days.Good looking models. Dave Platt’s free flights are immaculately constructed!Only one entry in new 1/2a Golden age event.VTOed 1/2a Nig Nog…very high in 12 seconds. Hadn’t done that since 86 Lake Charles nats flying super D. More later as I remember.

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