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    Dick Bertrand

    Has anybody seen a Korda Powerhouse?
    When I was 14 (59 years ago) I built one. Was it a Berkley kit? Class B I believe.
    Put a TRIUMPH .49 in it!!!!!!!!!! put about a thousand coats of dope on it and went out to Teterboro airport, near Jersey city NJ and cranked her up.
    No trimming experience. wanna hear the rest?
    Dick Bertrand


    Hi Dick,
    Have never seen a Powerhouse by Dick Korda, but I do have a plan here in an old magazine.

    It’s 42in span and shows an O&R 23 or a 23 Bantam in the nose.
    Should think it would be very heavy as they were on spark, so a modern motor, or even something from the ’50s would be better, to get some good flying in—-how about a 1.5cc diesel?

    Also in the mag. there is a 32in version as well.

    Yes, from memory Berkley did kit it in various sizes from the baby one to maybe a 72in version, and some in between, or at least Korda had done the designs for many sizes.

    If you would like a scan of it you are welcome to PM me your addy and I shall shoot it over to you all the way from OZ. 😀


    From the Ian allan series, methinks.

    As a teenager I did commence a ’64’ from a Berkeley kit. I have no recollection of where or how I got the kit, or what engine I was going to use … but I got so frazzled trying to line up ribs on multiple internal spars that I abandoned it. Have avoided internal spars ever since …

    Came in 24″, 33″, 41″, 56″ 64″ … larger??


    Jim, as usual you are “spot on”, mind like a steel trap—Ian Allan mag, and also your sizes are good too.

    Took a look at what I had, and there is a Bantam 19 in 41in version, but it’s suggested a 23 would be okay too—-really? I don’t think it would be so good personaly.

    Re. the spars—-agree, awfull way to build a wing, but I have done a couple of Interceptors that do it that way. Still have a nice one with a Burford 2cc Deezil in it, that flys quite well, but the one I did in the 70s with an O&R 23 on spark was so heavy that it glided like a brick, then when it arrived

    am sure you guys can guess. Repair, repair, repair.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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