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    Hi Guys

    Bucky Servaites has been asking me for pictures and dimensions of the launch stooge that you have seen me using at both the NATS and Lost Hills.

    I use it locally for launching in contests, but mostly for going out flying by myself. It is hard to get someone to go out at the same time, and then to cut into their flying time for asking for launches.

    For serious competition flying, I have my timer do the launching because of flight line entanglements, etc.

    But this “Launch Buddy” sure fills in when I am test flying.

    If you would like a copy of the construction article, just email me at:

    and I will email the article.

    Having one of these will certainly get you more towline glider flying time!

    Bill Shailor

    I married my launch buddy! 😉

    Scott Lapraik

    Dave, I sent an email to you also, but I’m very interested in your launch stooge for towline gliders. I used to fly alot back in the 60’s and loved towline gliders, i.e. Talon, Jetstream, Floater. Could you let me know how to get information on your design?




    How to get article:

    Just send me an email at:

    Ask me to send you pictures and article.


    The article has been posted in the NFFS journal this summer, and also in a recent issue of Flying Models.

    One of the problems that I had was launching in zero to minus 2mph wind conditions. This has been solved by looping back 20 feet so that you have a running start when you begin to pull it out of the cradle. I first started by trying to do a sprint start and whipping the line overhead, which worked most of the time. With the 20 foot running start, I have not failed to launch in calm or downwind conditions.

    I know launching down wind is not the right thing to do. But sometimes in very calm conditions, the wind is variable, and getting fooled by a 2 mph reversal at launch can cause a problem.

    If you are not in good running condition, it is best to avoid flying out of the launch buddy unless you have a 3-5mph steady wind.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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