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    OK, I can tell ya all about 15s and such but am out of the loop on what is available as far as 1/2A engines- Am maybe looking at a VA- Where can I get one?

    Or does someone have something they wanta get rid of. I have TD’s…


    Hi John,

    I have a new C.S. .061 w/ 3 extra glow heads for $100 if you’re interested….

    Cheers, Paul

    Steve Landy

    Hi John,

    I have 2 model 1 VA’s NIB that I would part with for $60 each. I’ll pay postage.

    Regards, Steve

    Glenn Schneider

    Golly John if you have TDs, open the venturi for pressure, enlarge the bypasses if you can, and fit it with a Galbreath Nelson head. Then build a Country Boy for it. Now you have 1/2A gas, 1/2A classic, and one design for next year. VAs, CSs and others show up on ebay pretty regularly being sold by people who want to invest in real performance with a Cyclon. Good Luck, Thermals, Glenn


    Thanks so far….

    So, here is the design…I can’t just use a normal airplane. Using the combination of our F1J and F1C stuff, I need to do something tricker.

    The wing is a six panel, with a 12″ center section, 15″ mid panels, and 3″ tips. The center is flat, the mid panels have about 1″ of dihedral, and the tips have about 2- 2 1/2″. It will have a built up main spar- 3/32″ spruce top and bottom with a 3/32″ web. The ribs will butt up to the spar- Quite strong. The section is flat bottomed with a 7% section- Pretty thin, so will need a good spar and pretty radical geodetic structure.

    The stab has 1 1/2″ of dihedral and is about 20% or so. The fin is mounted under the stab. This is very close to what Dickl Mathias and the folders are using- I like the looks!

    The fuselage will either be a carbon tube or a rolled balsa tube. The pylon will be medium height. The bladder will be internal. The timer will be a Texas Timer with DT. And, there will be NO auto surfaces! I cannot believe I am saying that…I haven’t done a locked down model in years. Will see if I know how to trim without it….Should be interesting…

    So, it is a change from the norm, but that is what I like- I don’t think I could build a standard model after flying all the trick stuff for so many years…If this works, I may make another with all the tricks for the other 1/2A class. Then I may feel at home….

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