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    The M&K stab post was widely used in the mechanical timer era. But electronics has made these posts redundant.

    These posts are actually useful for other model types, such as F1Q and F1B in my case. So, if you have an old junky F1A fuselage gathering dusts with one of these posts, I would be interested to grant it a second life. The post, however, has to be in good condition to qualify for a modest reward ($10 including postage). I can be reached at aram.schlosberg1@verizon.net



    I have a couple of M&K copies made by Kosonozhkin, total length 20mm. They are unused, have been packed in pure silk since purchase and hence are perfect. They are now in my model box for Lost Hills – see me if you’re interested.

    I also have two of the Kosonozhkin twin roller bunt jacks if anyone is interested. Can also deliver to Lost Hills (which would be a problem if you’re based in, say, Leicestershire).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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