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    Wilder machine work shop produced a handy torque meter based on three .040” music wires. It’s made of aluminum, has a 6” handle and a 3” disc with a wire extension serving as a gauge. It can measure torque up to 120 inch-ounces.

    (Out of curiosity, does anyone know who Wilder is/was and when were these torque meters produced? He definitely made a nice torque meter)

    Anyway, I am interested in buying these gadgets, currently collecting dust in some corner. For a working gadget, I’ll pay $25 including the postage. I can be reached via e-mail on this web site or directly at aram.schlosberg1@verizon.net

    Lee Hines

    Bob Wilder by name, lived and worked in TX as I recall.
    Made towline winches along with other fine machined gadjets for FFers.
    I knew him in the ’70s.
    He has done small electric indoor flying, last I heard.


    Bill Shailor

    Bob is still active, living in Irving, Texas. He mainly flies indoor electric R/C.
    He and Ray Harlan battle over records for the event. A real gentleman. His indoor and outdoor winders are beauties!

    Kit Bays

    Bob’s winders and winches were masterpieces of craftsmanship. Several years ago I saw one them displayed in a glass case in the University of New Mexico Art Museum.



    I have one, 0-30 in/oz torque.

    Can you wait till the first contest for delivery?

    Dennis Phelan


    Hi Dennis,
    I’m using it for a F!B, so it needs to reach 120 inch-ounces.
    Thanks anyway! (Added bold letters on the first post.)

    (Does anyone know how to contact Bob Wilder?)


    Here is an address from his card.

    rjwmaw5 at att.net

    Here is a story from a magazine. Wilder made a rubber stripper for indoor stuff. I believe it sold for 135$. A guy, possibly a columnist from the magazine, took it to a machine shop with the idea of getting some made, as it was no longer being produced. The machine shop owner looked at the stripper and said: ” if my BEST guy made one,using stolen company materials, on company time and sold it for 135$, he would be losing money. “

    Wilder has some indoor control line stuff as well as the rc stuff. It is pretty neat.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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