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    jim buxton

    As many of you know my father passed away late last year. As many of you may not know, dad was a pretty active engine collector (and I decide to fly gliders, go figure).

    Anyway dad was starting to sell off some of his HUGE collection before he passed. Now my mom is trying to continue that to pay some of the bills. I have helped her decide what to sell and what not to sell (I am keeping any decent FF or CL speed engines as I intend to use them some day.)

    One of the items I identified as a good seller is this really nice McCoy 60. I am not in tune to all the engine prices, so I told her to continue with E-bay. (Dad read and digested the MECA newsletter monthly, and could rattle off the going price of any engine on command).

    Attached is a pic of the engine. We have no box or papers.

    Someone on E-bay has asked for a buy it now price as he wants to buy it for his dad’s birthday. I personally sense someone trying to scam a widow out an engine cheap. Mom wants to help said son get a nice gift for his dad.

    So that long-winded intro gets me to, what would a fair buy it now price be? Here is a copy of the ebay link.

    As we continue to go through engines they will go up on E-bay. I am almost afraid to say this but if any you guys have an engine you are hunting, I will keep it in mind and let you know if I run across one. We have about 300-400 engines to go through.

    You can E-mail me @

    Jim Buxton


    EBay wants to help you!
    There’s a way to find out what similar items have sold for:
    look under the “Completed Listings” box, about 1/3 the way down.


    I just took a look at your Mothers eBay listing, re. McCoy 60 and to me it looks good.
    Take no notice whatsoever of anybody (Vulture) that is trying for a ‘buy it now’, as it is an auction listing, and eBay take a very dim view of selling the goods before the auction has finished—-and rightly so.

    You will be surprised in the last minutes how much the bids will increase.
    Am sure you and your Mother will be more than happy with the final price on that great engine.

    Be sure to get the money first though, in you pocket/bank, all cleared etc. BEFORE you even think about posting the McCoy to the winner.


    Hi Jim

    I have a new in box example of the Mac 60 your mother wants to sell. Based on the condition as described and seen in photos, DO NOT ACCEPT under $300 for it, with box and papers they fetch a bit more.

    MECA 1534-15


    If it’s no reserve auction, then it will sell for whatever it makes.
    My guess is though it should make the 300 U.S $s without a problem.

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