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    With the 2013 FF WCs and their associated World Cup and Mini contests not too many months away, I need to sort out my Russian/Ukrainian clockwork mechanical F1H bunter. Now an F1H is a lot lighter than an F1A-so it will accelerate faster-but at the same time have less inertia. This would suggest to me that the first and second bunt timings for an F1H will not be the same as for a mechanical F1A.
    Any suggestions for ballpark starting point timer settings for a clockwork timer equipped F1H bunter? The model -which used to belong to the late Alister McKenzie-has never been flown-is shown below-if anyone can give me a definite ID on the maker then that would be useful. It was probably purchased at the 2001 FFWC at Lost Hills when he was NZ FF Team Mgr.


    Lee Hines

    Chris, now that I see the pix of the H, it seems to me it was made by Vasily Beschasny, Ukraine. The year 2001 would match our ideas, as Vasi was
    surely there. I gave you my starting point timing idea on HPA forum recently.
    I believe the timer is an M&K product, probably the towhook & wiggler, too.
    You might send these pix to Vasi for verification. I think you know he has website with his products.
    Vasi’s email:



    OK Lee-you’re the second person to suggest Vasily as the possible maker-Tapio Linkosalo suggested the same. The wing is covered with Airspan-which is not commonly used by eastern bloc suppliers…….except Vasily! [according to his website] I’ll get in touch with Vasily and see what he has to say regarding this model. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon just running settings, and timer testing. The timer consistently runs for a genuine 12 minutes-which is pretty amazing-my clockwork timer F1As are only good for about 9 minutes…
    If the timer is M&K then I’ll talk to Anthony K, (who’s only a couple of k’s away) as he’s a dedicated M&K user….


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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