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    John Oian

    This may be early Nostalgia or late OT, I just thought someone here may recognize the model. The person who has the model was told that it might be a “Buzzard”. The only plane I’ve found (That’s close to Buzzard) in the SAM OT lists and Trevor Boundy’s model recognition page, that has a pylon, is Claude McCollough’s Nostalgia era “Buzzer with a 46” span, but no drawing or picture.

    Anyone? Thanks, John


    See if it;s a Ranger.


    I would guess Megow Ranger oldtimer too. I believe Megow had another design that was similar as well.

    John Oian

    Dan, Simon:
    I do believe you are both correct. The slimming effect of the tapered nose had me a little confused. Maybe tall pointy hats could be the next fashion trend for those a little on the heavy side 🙄 . I’ll pass on the info to the owner (The model info, not the hat idea).

    Thanks, John

    Bill Schmidt

    I wonder if after all this time it really matters anymore. I was looking at the pics and checking my MB plan and the model could be an O.O. S.—1939 “Out Of Sight”. you might Refer to page 40 in Danny Sheelds book. Model Builder Magazine had a late plan of it. The pointed nose is the tip off. Wenmacbill

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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